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Our Mission

Here at Beettam Acres we have made it our mission to provide high quality locally grown produce without the use of chemicals or spray. This also means using regenerative gardening techniques in order to ensure that this land is preserved for generations to come!

Our intent is to create a community where everyone can get to know and understand how and where their food is grown.

We value reliability and education. This means our customers can rest easy knowing that the products they are getting are full of wholesome goodness.


Our goal for you, the customers, is to develop the methods around regenerative gardening practices that produce higher yields for the vegetables you all crave and love.

We will always pick one weed at a time to produce better-tasting vegetables right here in your backyard.


We like to get our hands dirty... on purpose because we believe our customers enjoy knowing where their food comes from and how it is being grown. Teaching the next generation about our business and food security.

This also means that we are also always learning, keeping up to date with current varieties and regenerative gardening practices.

Walk the garden with us for your own mini garden education!